• rescue and liquidation work and help eliminate major emergencies and disasters
  • special handling on water surface, underwater and on shores
  • assistance for Fire and Rescue brigade
  • assistance for Police
  • assistance for Civil Defense
  • seeking and searching for missing, lost, drowned and wanted persons
  • cynologique rescue
  • occupational diving
  • disinfection, disinsectization, deratization
  • decontamination of persons and things
  • prior medical and first aid and patient transport
  • purification of the biological materials, caused by incidents
  • technical support (lightning, boats, tents, rescue equipment and technology etc.)
  • logistics and connections (RDS, PC, recording equipment)
  • consultancy services in the field of special rescue operations and in emergency and disaster solutions
  • assistance with cultural-sport events (Slovak Republic)

In Slovakia we provide continuous water rescue services and technical assistance on the river Danube with central resort in Gabčíkovo with impact on all streams.


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