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But let start from the beginning.

At first about the general information regarding World – Europe – Slovakia and especially people – so you as well.

The number of disasters recorded during the year since 1975 worldwide increased fivefold, from 78 to almost 400. Average annual losses equivalent to about one-quarter percent of global GDP. Over the past 20 years more than 29 million people were affected by disasters in Europe which called for nearly 90.000 victims and caused economic losses of 211 billion euros. This trend is mainly the result of climate change, population growth connected with increasing urbanization, as well as other factors including rising industrial activity and environmental degradation.
How we actually started
Our story began in year 2000 when a small group of enthusiasts – members of the Voluntary Fire Protection Slovakia joined the group, which later formed the basis of the Comprehensive Central Emergency Services /CCES/ how it currently works. At the beginning we associated financial resources from selling proportion of our private property and motivated willing to help. In the same year we offered our human capacity and resources of colleagues in neighboring Hungary which have been flooded by the river Tisza, especially around the town Szolnok. The result of our efforts was awarded by the Hungarian government. They invited us for a joint rescue action by the Central Special Rescue Services of Hungary in the aftermath Beregovo basin in the Ukraine. In 2001, we responded immediately and took part in the full deployment of rescue services in the aftermath of floods in eastern Slovakia. In the same year we started to expand our rescue capabilities of new expertise and services offered, and we provided help with disinfection in threatened environment (jaundice in Vrútky Slovakia) and searching for missing people (lost child in the region Stará Ľubovňa). Encouraged by our results and positive feedback, we decided to formalize our rescue group. In late 2001, on example of other European countries, established our company –
Comprehensive central emergency services.
Perhaps you are asking a question that why the name

Here is our answer


Comprehensive – the organization provides comprehensive services in saving lives, property and nature, searching for missing, lost and drowned persons, elimination of the consequences of chemical and oil spills, and help the removal of the effects of natural hazards and disasters, floods, windstorms, water rescue and technical assistance, etc...

Central – because it contains representation, opportunities for infinite centralized rescue professions. Let us mention just a few: water rescuer, diver, firefighter, chemist, climber, logistician, doctor, nurse, handler, etc.

Rescue – even the word rescue wishes a predetermination of an organization. Especially in the field of rescue and emergency aid.

Service – to serve and assist people and nature


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