Our basic principles

We observe strict principles and rules governing the organization and deployment of national and international operations (in accordance with the instructions and methodology of the International Group of Advisers for search and rescue people - INSARAG)


In response to the humanitarian need caused by disasters, we provide assistance in accordance with internationally agreed humanitarian principles and guidelines.:

  • humanity
  • neutrality
  • impartiality
  • independence

In an effort to provide help effectively and in a spirit of solidarity, we closely cooperate with local authorities and partner entities operating on the spot. In our work, always respect local laws, rules, religion and customs, security of persons and property.
The team KCZS meets the highest mental and physical requirements placed on members of the rescue team. Our team has the necessary qualifications to perform their activities and professional competence for their position. They have experience of deployment abroad, including the two worst natural disasters in recent years: the earthquake in Haiti and tsunami. Both of these disasters called for a huge loss of lives and extensive damage.


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