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On the territory of the Slovak Republic we perform rescue work in saving human lives, nature and material values. We provide help and rescue and for overcoming the aftermath of emergencies and disasters, floods and flooding, torrential rain, chemical and oil accidents, search for missing and drowned people, help with heavy snow and windstorm, extraordinary manipulations of water flows and underwater, accidents on the road and water transport, rescue from the ruins and debris (including tracking and recovery of dead bodies), rescue and assistance after the explosion, air accidents and mining accidents. We ensure water rescue services and technical assistance, premedical first aid, rescue from heights and over free depth, preventing the spread of epidemics.
Provide assistance and logistical support for government agents (Police, Firefighters, civil protection, Cities and villages, etc.), during cultural and sporting events..
Within the national deployment KCZS since its establishment in December 2010 passed cca. the 4000th mission.


Overview of the deployment types in the Slovak Republic:


  • Floods and flooding
  • Torrential rains
  • Wind storms
  • Heavy snowing
  • Oil accidents
  • Chemical accidents
  • Deratization
  • Disinsectization
  • Disinfection
  • Decontamination of persons and material
  • Searching for persons
  • Searching for things
  • Aviation accidents
  • Accidents on the water surface
  • Accidents on the roads
  • Exceptional manipulation on the water surface and underwater
  • Diving works
  • Working at heights
  • Work over free depth
  • Assistance for the PZ
  • Assistance for the HaZZ
  • Assistance for the CO
  • Water rescue
  • Explosions
  • Medical provision
  • Transport of injured people from inaccessible terrain
  • Logistical support in emergencies and disasters
  • Logistical support for cultural and sporting and social events

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Postal address

Comprehensive Central Emergency Services 
930 05 Gabčíkovo (Slovak republic)